Prenatal sonographic evaluation of the penile length

Yuri Perlitz, Leandro Keselman, Sami Haddad, Maggie Mukary, Ido Izhaki, Moshe Ben-Ami

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Objective: To construct cross-sectional reference range of the penile length during pregnancy, measuring it from the proximal edge of the corpus cavernosum to the tip of the glans penis. Methods: Fetal penile length was measured by high resolution transvaginal ultrasound at 14 to 16weeks and by transabdominal ultrasound at 17 to 35weeks' gestation. Results: Fetal penile length increased significantly with gestational age (GA), from 7mm at 14weeks' to 50mm at 35weeks' gestation. Penile length measurements were strongly related to the biometric fetal measurements. Conclusions: A reference range of the fetal penile length was constructed, measured from the proximal edge of the corpus cavernosum to the tip of the glans penis at 14 to 35 gestational weeks. This reference range can assist in early identification of true penile maldevelopment, which obligate further diagnostic workup, as opposed to the benign disorder of buried or concealed fetal penis.

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