Light detection in a ‘blind’ mammal

Zoë K. David-Gray, Jannie W.H. Janssen, Willem J. Degrip, Evitar Nevo, Russell G. Foster

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כתב עתNature Neuroscience
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Funding Information:
We thank Corné Klaassen and Petra Bovee for help with baculovirus expression and purification of Spalax LWS opsin and Rosalie Crouch for providing 11-cis retinal. This research was partially supported by grants from HPSP and EU BioMed to R.G.F. and W.dG., and the Wellcome Trust to R.G.F.

Funding Information:
C.J.W. was supported by MRC G9431792, HFSP RG73/96 and Wellcome Trust 039614. We thank Inger Selmer for her initial involvement in this project.

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