Workplace spirituality: Making a difference

Judi Neal, Yochanan Altman, Wolfgang Mayrhofer

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    Workplace spirituality is an emerging field of study and practice and this book asks the questions: Where have we been in the last ten years as a field and where should we be headed in the next ten years? The editors asked these questions of thought leaders from around the globe, leaders who represent different sectors, faith traditions, worldviews and organizational functions. This volume represents the best of current thinking about the state of the field of workplace spirituality and of what the future holds. There are four themes: (1) management themes such as leadership, ethics, change management, and diversity; (2) workplace spirituality in sectors such as health and wellbeing, policing and creative industries, (3) key issues that are emerging, such as self-spirituality, mindfulness, storytelling and the importance of nature, and (4) cutting edge epistemologies and methodologies including indigenous studies, relational ontology, ethnography, and psychodynamics. These articles were chosen to provoke new thinking, new research, and new practice in the field of workplace spirituality, with the goal of helping the field mature in the next decade. Provides a broad overview of the field of workplace spirituality while focusing the details of emergent specializations. Provokes and expands workplace spirituality research agendas and methods. Resource to spiritually-inspired leaders.

    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherDe Gruyter
    Number of pages319
    ISBN (Electronic)9783110711349
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    StatePublished - 19 Jan 2022

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