Work-family triangle synchronization: Employee, manager, and spouse

Anat Garti, Shay Tzafrir

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"I need to check with my partner" is a common response of an employee to his manager, emphasizing the tug of war between the employee's spouse and the workplace. The challenges in the fields of work and family have been the focus of researchers for decades. Frameworks for work-family conflict, work-family enrichment, and work-family balance have been put forth in light of the complexity of the interface. Yet the relationship between the three stakeholders managing the interface (manager, employee, and spouse), has not received the attention it deserves. Work-Family Triangle Synchronization takes a holistic look into the triangle of forces involved in the conflict: the manager, the employee, and the employee's spouse at home. Using the therapeutic triangle relationship framework, it elaborates on the dynamic of work-family triangles and offers a structured process for designing a psychological contract among the three players. This process is termed work-family triangle synchronization (WFTS). Based on the authors' 20 years of academic research and field experience in the organizational and family domains this book introduces a novel synchronization model, methodology, and compelling tools. Personal anecdotes and stories make the text accessible and understandable, accompanying the reader step by step in the task of developing a synchronized work-family triangle psychological contract, as both a diagnostic and a management tool. • Offers a unique work family framework addressing the two work-family triangles. • Allows scholars to build an effective work-family synchronizing model. • Provides scholars with a theory, methodology and practical tool for improving their research.

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StatePublished - 10 Aug 2022

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