Women and feminine images in muslim traditions of the end

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Heroes of apocalyptic traditions are generally men, such as messiahs and anti-messiahs, leaders and warriors, participants in the dispute over the power in the Muslim community, and others. Nevertheless, the role of women is not entirely ignored. This article deals with women as transmitters of apocalyptic traditions, women playing a role in those traditions, and feminine images. Women in traditions of the End seem to provide a measuring-rod for different situations in Muslim society during times of foretold tribulations, such as horrors, torture, captivity, or threats of moral decline. The feminine images mainly relate to towns in the Last Day and in the apocalyptic times that will precede it. They reflect the impact of the Judaeo-Christian heritage on Muslim traditions through the adaptation of old texts, themes and images to the needs of the Muslim community and its value system.

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  • Apocalyptic
  • Eschatology
  • Feminine images
  • Judaeo-Christian heritage
  • Women

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