Why does resilience matter? Global implications for the tourism industry in the context of COVID-19

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Purpose: This paper aims to explore the concept of resilience both through conceptual lenses and an applied relevance and importance to the tourism and hospitality industry in the context of identifying the most effective approaches to cope with the worldwide epidemic of COVID-19. Design/methodology/approach: This conceptual paper is based on a comprehensive literature review and strategic interdisciplinary analysis as a basis for comprehensive policy recommendations. Findings: This paper suggests five clusters of globally applicable measures and approaches aimed to enhance the resilience of the tourism and hospitality industry in the face of COVID-19 and more broadly in the face of other regional and global large-scale disasters: fostering adaptive and creative leadership; humility and cautious navigating through a deep uncertainty; flexibility in building on the unknown; enhancing social capital; and developing mutual respect and positive interconnectivity among the various stakeholders. Originality/value: Through policy-driven applied conceptual analysis, this paper provides the various audiences in the travel and hospitality sector across the globe with an original, flexible and strategic approach to effectively respond to the multiple cascading effects of COVID-19.

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JournalWorldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes
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StatePublished - 2021

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  • COVID-19
  • Conceptual analysis
  • Policy recommendations
  • Resilience
  • Tourism and hospitality industry
  • Transformation
  • Transformation and uncertainty
  • Uncertainty

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