Who’s defending democracy? the battle among the elites over the elections to the 16th knesset

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This chapter discusses the paradoxes associated with the concept of "defending democracy," which make possible the expounding of different and often contrary interpretations of the notion. It also discusses the theoretical implications of this battle as well as the ramifications of these events on Israeli democracy. The actual nature of "defending democracy" in Israel, combined with the nerve-wracking daily reality that marked the period preceding the elections to the sixteenth Knesset, provide an adequate basis for confirming the critique of the elitist theory of tolerance. The political system in Israel provides fertile ground for the growth of extreme political parties. The chairman of the Central Elections Committee and the Supreme Court justices presented an altogether different picture. Despite a lack of agreement on certain rulings, their position on this issue— as opposed to that of representatives of the political elite— was even handed and balanced.

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