Which diet should I be taking?

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Clinical evidence strongly supports the role of lifestyle modification and weight reduction as the
primary therapy for the management of NAFLD and NASH. This must be a lifelong treatment to
avoid relapse and weight regain.
• The Mediterranean diet can reduce liver fat even without weight loss and is the most recommended
dietary pattern in NAFLD. Other similar healthy dietary patterns are also helpful, and the choice of
diet should be negotiated with the patients and tailored to their cultural and personal preferences.
• Changing dietary composition is important for both NAFLD and liver cancer prevention, especially
reduction in the intake of sugar/fructose, saturated fat, ultra-processed food in general and
processed meat specifically, and better adherence to the components of the Mediterranean diet.
• Normal weight NAFLD patients can also benefit from a modest weight reduction, physical activity
and reduced consumption of dietary fructose, sugared-sweetened beverages and cholesterol.
• The global growing consumption of ultra-processed foods which is calorie-dense and rich in
fructose, saturated fats and other unhealthy compounds, poses a great challenge in the treatment
• Avoidance from sugar sweetened beverages should be encouraged starting from early childhood.
Like alcohol, questions regarding sugar sweetened beverages consumption should be part of the
NAFLD patient medical history.
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Title of host publicationEuropean Association for the Study of the Liver postgraduate course international liver congress book
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StatePublished - 2021
EventThe International Liver Congress: Beating Liver Disease Together - Online
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