Variability of factors and their possible application to climatic studies

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The seek for variability of factors is suggested in detecting variabilities that could not have been detected in other ways. The proposed methodology may be appropriate to evaluate the rainfall distribution during wetter or drier periods or regions. Tested on rainfall data from Israel, the present method detected a seasonal cycle in the dependence of rainfall totals on daily rainfall (P) and on the Number of Rain Days (NRD). At the beginning and at the end of the rainy season and in the drier parts of the country, there is a greater dependence of the total rainfall on P. During the main rainy season, and in the wetter parts of the country, variations in the total monthly rainfall (RAIN) from year to year, are caused mainly by variations in values of NRD rather by variations in P.

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JournalTheoretical and Applied Climatology
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StatePublished - Sep 1990

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