Unrealized Potential: Druze Women in Israel vs. Lebanese-Druze Women

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Like the rest of Arab society, the Druze community in Israel has undergone significant changes since the establishment of the State. One of the most prominent of these is the substantial rise in the number of educated women. Yet despite modernization and their high levels of education and entrance into the job market, Druze women have struggled to play a leading role in politics. This situation contrasts sharply with that of their counterparts in Lebanon, who have consistently gained pre-eminence within the community's political and public leadership. This article suggests that while Druze religious doctrine encourages "female empowerment," Druze women in Israel, have never been able to fulfil their potential in practical terms of political involvement. The tradition of rulership among Druze elite families in Lebanon and the separation between religious and political authority account for the high level of political involvement among Druze women in Lebanon vs.Their limited participation in Israel.

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