Une comparaison transnationale de la solidarité intergé nérationnelle

Translated title of the contribution: A comparative cross-national perspective on intergenerational solidarity

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The intergenerational family solidarity model of Bengtson and others was developed based on classical theories of social organization, exchange theory, group dynamics and the developmental family theory. According to the model, intergenerational family solidarity includes six dimensions: structural, functional, affective, consensual, associational and normative. The present analysis attempts to extend the current knowledge base by using a comparative perspective, examining similarities and differences between the five participating countries in the Oasis study and testing the links between demographic, familial and health variables to the different dimensions of solidarity of elderly populations. The results are part of the cross-national comparative project Oasis where a random sample of 6000 (age 25 and older) from five countries (England, Israel, Spain, Norway and Germany, 1,200 per country) was interviewed with a standardised survey instrument. In the present paper the analysis draws on the data of the 75+. Comparative descriptive analyses and multivariate models are presented. The data revealed similarities as well as differences between the countries on the various solidarity dimensions that might reflect variations in family norms, patterns of behaviors and social policy traditions of the countries. Also, differences were found regarding the associations between demographic and health attributes and the solidarity dimensions within each country, implying that there are national and cultural idiosyncrasies that have to be further explored.

Translated title of the contributionA comparative cross-national perspective on intergenerational solidarity
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JournalRetraite et Societe
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StatePublished - 2003

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