Understanding personal mobilities

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In this thought-provoking book, Aharon Kellerman presents a wide-ranging understanding of personal mobilities; the mobilities which individuals initiate, direct, and operate physically and virtually and which constitute an expression of personal autonomy. He readdresses existing concepts and knowledge as well as assessing novel and emerging technologies for self-driven mobilities. Kellerman begins with a presentation of the critical introductory concepts related to personal mobilities, including discussions of movement and travel, origins, path and destination, and the social value of personal freedom. He examines the nature of virtual space and its relationship with the physical, exploring conceptualizations of cyberspace, hybrid space, spatial media and Internet space. Chapters further highlight existing and new conceptual and theoretical knowledge for the understanding of self-driven mobilities, such as proximity, interaction, and distance; everyday mobilities; personal (im)mobilities; and Covid-19 and post-pandemic impacts on future trends for personal mobilities. Expounding the basic human need for movement, this discerning book will prove an essential resource for students and scholars interested in mobilities across the disciplines of social geography, urban geography, sociology, transportation, and urban planning. Its interpretation of newly emerging practical realities for personal mobilities will also benefit transport and communications practitioners.

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StatePublished - 17 Oct 2023

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