TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN: The role of boundary work and isomorphism in the emergence of financial journalism in Israel

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This study examines the appearance of a journalistic genre, that of Israeli business journalism, as a means of considering the relationship between the appearance of journalistic genres and the emergence of non-journalistic fields. It does so through two complementary theoretical prisms. On the institutional front, it considers the extent to which isomorphism, the tendency in capitalist systems for organizations and individuals to create similar structures and practices, existed. On the discursive front, the newspapers' founding statements and initial editorials were analyzed to identify the ways in which they attempted to construct boundaries that demarcated a legitimate space for finance. The study finds that isomorphism within journalism twinned with boundary work directed outside at its object of reporting contributed to the emergence of financial journalism. The study also expands the conceptual understanding of boundary work's role not only within the journalistic field but also across institutions.

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JournalJournalism Studies
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StatePublished - Jun 2013

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Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the History of Economics as Culture workshop in Cachan, France (February, 2009) as well as at the History of Mediterranean Media conference in Nice, France (January, 2011). I thank audience members in both meetings for their comments. I wish to warmly thank Oren Meyers and Russ Neuman for reading earlier versions of this manuscript. Guy Fayel assisted me in data collection and the staff at the Israeli Labor Party Archives was extremely helpful. All remaining errors are solely the author’s responsibility. Early work on this project was enabled by a Dan David post-doctoral fellowship. Later work was partially funded by the German-Israeli Foundation (young scientists grant no. 2261/2010).


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