Therapeutic factors and outcomes in group and individual therapy of aggressive boys

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    The study compared outcomes and process in group and individual treatment of 102 aggressive boys. Analyses were performed in ordinal and logistic regressions (for change and therapeutic factors, respectively) within a hierarchical linear model. Results indicated reduced aggression for the treatment children compared with the control group, with no effect of treatment format. Most of the boys reached at least the preparation stage of change in both treatments. The process research revealed 1 difference in Emotional Awareness-Insight, presented more in group treatment, and growth in Emotional Awareness-Insight and Problem Identification-Change. The stepwise regression revealed that Other vs. Self-Focus and Problem Identification-Change were related to outcomes in group treatment only: The 1st contributed negatively to gains, and the 2nd contributed positively.

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    JournalGroup Dynamics
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    StatePublished - Sep 2003

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