The recognition of Caulerpa integerrima (Zanardini) comb, et stat. nov. (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) from the Red Sea

Michael J. Wynne, Heroen Verbruggen, Dror L. Angel

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Evidence based on both morphological and molecular data is presented to demonstrate that Caulerpa Jrevcinetii C. Agardh var. integerrima Zanardini, a name that has long been treated within the taxonomic synonymy of C. serrulata (Forsskal) J. Agardh, is to be resurrected and recognised at the level of species, C. integerrima (Zanardini) comb, nov., for an alga thought to be endemic to the Red Sea. Three species in the genus with which it is superficially similar, C. bartoniae, C. brachvpus and C. serrulata, are separated from it using the lu/A gene, complemented by morphological characters, including the entire margins and the 1.5-2.0-mm thickness of the assiinilators. Another species also described originally from the Red Sea, Herpochaeta (Caulerpa) requienii Montagne, is also discussed and eliminated from consideration. Weber-van Bosse's assignment of this species as a forma within C. racemosa is accepted, namely, C. racemosa var. lamowouxii (Turner) Weber-van Bosse f. requienii (Montagne) Weber-van Bosse.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)291-301
Number of pages11
Issue number4
StatePublished - Jul 2009


  • C bartoniae
  • C. brachvpus
  • C. integerrima comb nov.
  • C. racemosa f. requienii
  • C. serrulata
  • Caulerpa
  • Chlorophyta
  • Molecular phylogeny
  • Red Sea
  • Taxonomy

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  • Aquatic Science
  • Plant Science


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