The production of literacy in the Israeli culture industry

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Zionist education is a manifestation of the efficiency of the violence of colonising education which for a century was targeted at internal (Jewish) communities, their memories and interests, as well as at the identity, memories, narratives and fortunes of external rivals. The current change in the stance of the Hebrew language reflects social, cultural and political transformations, which determine the end of Zionism. The paper presents a critical reconstruction of new literacies in Israel. The production of the new literacies does not reflect enhancement of reflective competence or the empowering of emancipatory sensitivity and responsibility. On the contrary, it serves and reflects the logic of the market, and its changing needs within the framework of a post-modern culture industry. The possibility of a non-repressive literacy is addressed within the framework of a counter-education, which does not disregard the new possibilities and limitations set by the post-modern reality.

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JournalPedagogy, Culture and Society
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StatePublished - Oct 1999

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