The Naqshbandiyya: Orthodoxy and activism in a worldwide Sufi tradition

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The Naqshbandiyya is one of the most widespread and influential Sufi orders in the Muslim world. Having its origins in the Great Masters tradition of Central Asia almost a millennium ago, it played a significant role in the pre-modern history of the Indian subcontinent and the Ottoman Empire, and is still spreading today. This volume seeks to present a broad picture of the evolution of the ideas and organizational forms of the Naqshbandi order throughout its history. It combines a synthesis of the vast literature on the order with original research, and shall be an important contribution for those interested in Sufism, Islamic history and Muslim-Christian relations.

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StatePublished - 21 Jun 2007

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Itzchak Weismann, Naksibendilik. Istanbul: Litera Publications, 2015 (in Turkish).

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