The missing linkage in evaluating networks: A model for matching evaluation approaches to system dynamics and complexity

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The configurational model presented in this article explores the linkage between indicators and determinants of network effectiveness and methods of network evaluation by relating levels of system dynamics and complexity in the evaluated object to hierarchical coordination and practices of self-governance in network evaluation. It explains when and how to apply actor- and programoriented evaluation approaches, the terms of reference that should be used to formalize the evaluation, and the degree to which management should be involved in coordination between actors in order to achieve a successful evaluation. Because the model conceives of network evaluation as "a network within a network," it is also applicable to research on network effectiveness in general.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2015

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The Social Inclusion Partnership is a collaboration-type network. It was established in 2011, and is funded by the Ministry of Education in Israel and the Council for Higher Education. Led by the Rector’s Department of the University of Haifa, it includes several faculties from the university, municipalities, and NGOs. The evaluation is performed externally by the Center for Public Management and Policy at the University of Haifa. Unlike the partnership itself, the monitoring and evaluation system and its management are characterized by a cooperation-type partnership. The author of this article directed the evaluation process on behalf of the contractor since its initiation in 2012 and has been conducting action research on it ever since.

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