The miaphysite monasticism of gaza and julian of halicarnassus

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The article suggests that in his early militant zeal and sharpened miaphysite theology, Severus of Antioch also prepared the ground for Julian of Halicarnassus' doctrine of incorruptibility. Moreover, the two foundational pillars of Julian's theological system, incorruptibility and protology, were plausibly founded on a radical interpretation of the teachings of the two great figures of the miaphysite phase of the monastic tradition of Gaza, Severus and Abba Isaiah. In the time of Severus, this monastic center gave birth not only to miaphysite historical orthodoxy but also inspired the most effective and lasting form of radical miaphysitism that sprang up in his time.

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JournalOrientalia Christiana Periodica
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StatePublished - 2012


  • Iulianus, Halicarnassensis -527
  • Original sin
  • Immortality
  • Body
  • Monophysitism
  • Controversy

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