The M/G/∞ estimation problem revisited

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The subject of this paper is the M/G/∞ estimation problem: the goal is to estimate the service time distribution G of the M/G/∞ queue from the arrival–departure observations without identification of customers. We develop estimators of G and derive exact non-asymptotic expressions for their mean squared errors. The problem of estimating the service time expectation is addressed as well. We present some numerical results on comparison of different estimators of the service time distribution.

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StatePublished - Nov 2018

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The research was supported by the grants BSF 2010466 and ISF 361/15. The author is grateful to Rui Castro for useful discussions and valuable remarks.

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  • M/G/∞ queue
  • Nonparametric estimation
  • Poisson point process
  • Rates of convergence

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  • Statistics and Probability


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