The Maternal Dilemma

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JournalCornell Law Review
Issue number4
StatePublished - May 2018

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t Associate Professor of Law, University of Haifa. This Article has been in the making for a very long period of time. The research was supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Space, Israel. David Azimov provided significant help in translating from Hebrew many of the sources that are discussed in this Article. I am very grateful to my friend and colleague Oma Rabinovich-Einy for all her thoughtful comments. Earlier drafts of this Article were presented at the Law, Culture and Humanities Conference and the Law and Society Conference. I am very grateful to participants of both forums for their helpful feedback. This Article could not be finalized without the assistance of my two amazing research assistants Veronica Lion and Rotem Dunowicz who spent countless hours in helping me put this Article together.

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