The Lower Qishon Late Bronze Age Terrestrial and Maritime Network

Jose Maria Martin Garcia, Michal Artzy

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During the Late Bronze Age, a complex network of economic interactions constituted of various semi-independent political entities, yet economically interdependent, existed in the Lower Qishon riverbed. We conducted a comparative analysis of plainwares from different sites along the Lower Qishon to identify how they interacted during the LBA. We also performed a comparative study of the maritime-imported ceramics to uncover the maritime connections of the network. We conclude that the Lower Qishon network linked the southern Akko/Haifa Bay with the northwestern Jezreel Valley. On land, the network was in contact with Tel Hazor and the Transjordan. At sea, it was directly connected with Syro-Lebanese and Cypriote coastal sites and indirectly with Egypt, coastal Anatolia, and the Aegean.

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StatePublished - 10 Mar 2022

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  • Akko/Haifa Bay
  • Jezreel Valley
  • Late Bronze Age
  • economic interactions
  • imported ceramics
  • plainware ceramics

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