The evolution of data science and big data research: A bibliometric analysis: A bibliometric analysis

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In this study the evolution of Big Data (BD) and Data Science (DS) literatures and the relationship between the two are analyzed by bibliometric indicators that help establish the course taken by publications on these research areas before and after forming concepts. We observe a surge in BD publications along a gradual increase in DS publications. Interestingly, a new publications course emerges combining the BD and DS concepts. We evaluate the three literature streams using various bibliometric indicators including research areas and their origin, central journals, the countries producing and funding research and startup organizations, citation dynamics, dispersion and author commitment. We find that BD and DS have differing academic origin and different leading publications. Of the two terms, BD is more salient, possibly catalyzed by the strong acceptance of the pre-coordinated term by the research community, intensive citation activity, and also, we observe, by generous funding from Chinese sources. Overall, DS literature serves as a theory-base for BD publications.
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