The effect of database and website inconstancy on the terrorism field’s delineation

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    The often changing range of terrorism journals selected for indexing in various databases adds to the elasticity of this field’s definition. The electronic databases as well as websites change their format and content quite often and this instability hampers the formation of a clear delineation of the disciplinary boundaries of terrorism. Nevertheless, the integration of electronic databases into terrorism research has exposed researchers to a large number of journals that deal with various aspects of terrorism, and the boundaries of this subject are continually expanding to encompass new sub-areas. In addition to the known core journals covering terrorism, many peripheral journals are emerging that are concerned with the dynamics of this field. The exposure of researchers to such a massive amount of information, print and electronic, demonstrates a marked knowledge growth in this area of study. However, the field could become so broad, even before reaching disciplinary maturation, that it could defy any attempt at delineation.

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    JournalStudies in Conflict and Terrorism
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    StatePublished - Mar 2004

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