The Date of Appearance of Philistine Pottery at Megiddo: A Computational Approach

Eythan Levy, Israel Finkelstein, Mario A.S. Martin, Eli Piasetzky

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This paper addresses the question of the date of appearance of Philistine Bichrome pottery at Megiddo through a new computational approach, using recently developed chronology software. Based on historical dates, we obtain a terminus post quem of 1183 B.C.E. for the start of Philistine Bichrome at Megiddo using a broad model, and a terminus post quem of 1124 B.C.E. under stronger chronological hypotheses. Adding radiocarbon results at 68.2% confidence level to the model yields a narrow range of 1111–1086 B.C.E. for the appearance of Bichrome (1128—1079 B.C.E. for 95.4%). The paper also presents results suggesting that Stratum VIIB ended during, or only slightly before, the reign of Ramesses III (1184–1153 B.C.E.).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-30
Number of pages30
JournalBulletin of ASOR
Issue number1
StatePublished - May 2022

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