The asymptotic normality of a simple batch epidemic process

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A group of n susceptible individuals exposed to a contagious disease isconsidered. It is assumed that at each point in time one or more susceptible individuals can contract the disease. The progress of this simple batch epidemic is modeled by a stochastic process Xn(t), t∈[0, ∞), representing the number of infectiveindividuals at time t. In this paper our analysis is restricted to simple batch epidemics with transition rates given by [α2Xn(t){n −Xn(t) +Xn(0)}]1/2, t∈[0, ∞), α∈(0, ∞). This class of simple batch epidemics generalizes a model used and motivated by McNeil (1972) to describe simple epidemic situations. It is shown for this class of simple batch epidemics, that Xn(t), with suitable standardization, converges in distribution as n→∞ to a normal random variable for all t∈(0, t0), and t0 is evaluated.

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