The Aramaic component and Aramaisms in the Arabic column of Ms. BL OR7562

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The article analyzes the Aramaic component and Aramaisms embedded in the first hand' s stage of the Arabic column of Ms. BL OR7562 (c. 1300),1 which mainly conveys a Samaritan version of Saadya Gaon' s translation of the Pentateuch. While Aramaic words are known to feature in all versions of Saadya' s Tafsi¯r, Ms. BL OR7562 evinces examples of Aramaic loan words and various kinds of Aramaisms that are found neither in other versions of Saadya' s Tafsi¯r, nor in the other two main Samaritan Arabic versions, namely the early Samaritan Arabic translation and its later revision.

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JournalAramaic Studies
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2014

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  • Aramaic component in Arabic Bible translations
  • Ms. BL OR7562
  • Samaritan Aramaic

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