Tell el-far eAH (TIRZAH) and the early days of the Northern Kingdom

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The article deals with Stratum VIIa at Tell el-Far'ah (North), location of biblical Tirzah. This layer should be dated to the very late Iron I and the early phase of the Iron IIA, meaning that it covers the early days of the Northern Kingdom in the late 10 th and early 9 th centuries BCE. Stratum VIIa features a sparsely built, comparatively poor, unfortified settlement that seems to have expanded over a relatively small part of the mound - an area of ca. one hectare of the acropolis. This settlement served as the seat of the early kings of Israel, and thus much can be learned from it about the nature of the territorial kingdoms of the Levant in their formative stage. What we know about Tirzah reflects on other capitals in the region at that time - first and foremost Jerusalem.

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  • 10 century Jerusalem
  • Early territorial kingdom
  • Jeroboam I
  • Northern Kingdom
  • Tell el-Far'ah (North)
  • Tirzah

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