Teachers editing textbooks: Transforming conventional connections among teachers, textbook authors, and mathematicians

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The M-TET (Mathematics Teachers Edit Textbooks) project invites mathematics teachers to collaborate in editing the textbooks they use in their classes as a means of transforming conventional connections among teachers, curriculum developers, and mathematicians into more productive connections. The unique aspects that characterize the work environment offered to teachers include the following: designing a textbook for a broad student population, producing a textbook by making changes to a textbook designed by expert curriculum developers, and consulting with professionals that are not part of the teachers’ usual milieu (textbook authors and mathematicians). This chapter explores the nature of the connections between teachers and textbook authors, and between teachers and mathematicians that participation in the M-TET project made possible, and it discusses what might be gained by offering such a work environment.

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  • Connections between teachers and curriculum developers
  • Connections between teachers and mathematicians
  • Connections between teachers and textbook authors
  • Teachers and textbooks
  • Teachers editing textbooks

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