Teachers as Peer Learners: Professional Development in an Advanced Computer Learning Environment

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This chapter presents our vision of the classroom of the future. We describe the kinds of learning and teaching processes that will be needed in such classrooms, and conceptualize a process of building such an environment in a project entitled SELA (the Hebrew initials for Learning Environment with Advanced Technologies). The SELA project provides a model of professional development that was implemented in Israel (Salomon Sc Almog, 1994, 1996). The project integrated the Group Investigation (GI) model (Dewey, 1909), based on its Israeli adaptation (Hertz-Lazarowitz 8t Zelniker, 1995), within a teacher peer learning community, using advanced computer technologies. We provide the background for this project and a description of the program. We also discuss the implications of our perspectives for professional development of teachers and how participation in this program influences subsequent behavior in the classroom.

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