Spirituality during COVID-19 in Northern Italy: The experience of participating in an online prayer group

Shoshi Keisari, Gianmarco Biancalani, Erica Tavelli, Saverio Fassina, Ines Testoni

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Spirituality has ascendant value during times of adversity. Religious activities have beenfound to increase spirituality, and therefore might be considered a coping resource for the individual. The present research aims to explore participants' experience in an online Catholic prayer group in northern Italy that was held throughout the period of COVID-19 social restrictions. The group comprised 16 Catholic individuals aged 34 to 85, who were interviewed in writing following a protocol of four open-ended questions. The results reported four main thematic areas: (1) the benefits of the spiritual journey while coping with the pandemic; (2) the potential of the online setting; (3) the challenges of the online setting; and (4) the bond with God and how it evolved during the pandemic. The findings confirm the valuable contribution of the on-line group religious activity to the participants' wellbeing, particularly during the time of social distancing.

Original languageEnglish
JournalPastoral Psychology
StateAccepted/In press - 2022

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  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • On-line group
  • Prayer group
  • Spiritual support
  • Spirituality

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