Species diversity in the tribe agariceae pat. (Higher basidiomycetes) of Israel mycobiota

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A taxonomic study of the tribe Agariceae Pat. (Higher Basidiomycetes) of Israel is given. The tribe Agariceae is represented by 38 species and infraspecific taxa related to 3 genera: Melanophyllum Vel., Agaricus L: Fr. emend. Karst., and Gyrophragmium Mont. Three species: Agaricus bonii S. Wasser, A. nevoi S. Wasser, and A. herinkii S. Wasser, were described as new for science earlier. Melanophyllum haematospermum (Bull: Fr.) Kreisel, Agaricus aestivalis Moell. var. flavotacta(Moell.) Moell., A. bitorquis (Quél.) Sacc., A. campestris L: Fr. Var. floccipes (Moell.) Pil., A. geesteranii Bas et Heinem., A. gennadii (Chat. et Bond.) P.D. Orton var. microsporus (Bohus) S. Wasser, A. impudicus (Rea) Pil., A. praeclaresquamosus Freeman, A. pequinii (Bond.) Konr. et Maubl., A. silvaticus Schaeff. var pallens Pil., A. xanthoderma Gen. var. lepiotoides R. Mre, A. vaporarius (Pers.) Cappelli, and A. lanipes (Moell. et J. Schaeff.) Sing, are new for Israel and some of them for Asia or for the Middle East. Synonyms, locations, and dates of collection in Israel, peculiarities, general distribution, as well as taxonomic remarks to some taxa are given.

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JournalIsrael Journal of Plant Sciences
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StatePublished - 1998

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I would like to express my deep thanks to Prof. E. Nevo (Director) for the marvelous opportunity to study the family Agaricaceae at the Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa (Israel) and to the Israel Ministry of Science (grant N6359) and the Keren Gilladi for financial support of this research. I thank Dr. D.A. Reid (England) and Prof. Dr. P.A. Volz (Eastern Michigan University, Ml) for skillful comments on the contents, language, and style of the manuscript.

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