Some introductory notes on innovations in career psychology inspired by the legacy of Samuel H. Osipow

Frederick T.L. Leong, Azy Barak

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    Osipow represents a highly functional perspective: While identifying with and emphasizing cognitive-behavioral theory, he has recognized the place of rival explanations and has been open to alternative viewpoints to his own. In adopting his scientific position and rationale, Osipow has actively contributed to conceptualizing numerous specific topics in career psychology. These contributions included continuous critical reviews of existing career development theories and a cry for their integration and convergence; the role of perceptions of and attributions concerning occupations and occupational titles; adaptation of behavioral and cognitivebehavioral strategies to counseling practice; models of vocational indecision; assessment of career decision making, including processes, barriers, and outcomes; evaluation of and coping with occupational stress; issues related to the career psychology of women; various topics related to the development and crystallization of vocational interests; interrelationship of personality and career choice and development; cognitive factors related to career decision making and choice; the role of occupational and task-specific selfefficacy beliefs; work adjustment; unemployment; vocational and career education; issues in the career development of disabled persons; training of counseling psychologists; psychological consultation in business and industry; and professional identity issues in counseling psychology. This list reflects not only the level of Osipow’s activity and involvement, but also his determination, motivation, identity, and dedication to career and counseling psychology. The recognition he has received, reflected in various awards and grants, is a result of these attributes. (For a comprehensive review of Osipow’s career, see Simon, 1998.) In preparing this volume, we collected original contributions from a number of outstanding scientists in the field of career psychology who have been associated with Osipow either as career-long colleagues (e.g., Betz, Harmon, Walsh) or as his students first and colleagues later (e.g., Fitzgerald, Spokane, Winer). Each of these individuals not only contributed a valuable manuscript to this book, but also associated the article with Osipow’s work. As a result, this book contains a collection of scholarly, innovative chapters that presents comprehensive view of career psychology and reflects Osipow’s involvement in the field.

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    StatePublished - 1 Jan 2005

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