Should we sacrifice the utilitarians first?

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It is commonly thought that morality applies universally to all human beings as moral targets, and our general moral obligations to people will not, as a rule, be affected by their views. I propose and explore a radical, alternative normative moral theory, 'Designer Ethics', according to which our views are pro tanto crucial determinants of how, morally, we ought to be treated. For example, since utilitarians are more sympathetic to the idea that human beings may be sacrificed for the greater good, perhaps it is permissible (or, even under certain conditions, obligatory) to give them 'priority' as potential victims. This odd idea has manifold drawbacks but I claim that it also has substantial advantages, that it has some affinities to more commonly accepted moral positions, and that it should be given a significant role in our ethical thinking.

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JournalPhilosophical Quarterly
Issue number281
StatePublished - 1 Oct 2020

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  • Designer ethics
  • Ethical theory
  • Integrity
  • Moral complaint
  • Universality
  • Utilitarianism

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