Routine screening mammography in women older than 74 years: a review of the available data: A review of the available data

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Objective: The efficacy of population screening mammography for the age group of 50-74 years has been demonstrated. However, only limited data are available regarding women aged 75 and over, and recommendations for breast cancer screening in this age group vary in different countries. The aim of the current study is to review the evidence of the efficacy of breast cancer screening in women over the age of 74 years. Methods: Studies published in English were retrieved by systematically searching MEDLINE (for papers published until August 2006), and by manually examining the references of the original articles and reviews retrieved. All studies that dealt with screening mammography over age 74 years were included. The studies were reviewed according to their outcomes and study design, focusing on breast cancer mortality and stage of breast cancer at diagnosis. Results: Three studies focused on the relationship between breast cancer screening and mortality; in the 75-84 years age group, the risk of disease-specific mortality was approximately two-fold higher among women who did not perform screening mammography compared to women who did. Another four studies showed that women who underwent screening mammography had significantly smaller tumors and earlier disease stage at diagnosis. Conclusions: Regular mammography screening in older women may be associated with an earlier-stage disease and lower breast cancer mortality. These data support the use of screening mammography above age 75 years based on individual evaluations, rather than setting an upper age limit for breast cancer screening.

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  • Breast cancer
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  • Screening mammography

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