Rembrandt, Willem Duyster and the evolution of The Night Watch

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The article compares a painting by the seventeenth-century Dutch genre painter Willem Duyster (1599–1635) depicting Soldiers Fighting over Booty (c. 1625, oil on panel, 37.6 × 57 cm, London, National Gallery), with Rembrandt’s famous The Night Watch (1642, oil on canvas, 363 × 438 cm, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum). It begins by establishing the acquaintance between Duyster and Rembrandt in Amsterdam during the first half of the 1630s. It then reveals, through careful comparisons between numerous shared details, that Duyster’s Soldiers Fighting over Booty served as a source of influence upon The Night Watch by Rembrandt.

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JournalDutch Crossing
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StatePublished - 1 Sep 2016

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  • Dutch Golden Age
  • Night Watch
  • Rembrandt
  • Seventeenth-century Dutch genre painting
  • The Night Watch
  • Willem Duyster

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