Religion and the global middle class: towards a new research agenda

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This essay discusses the role of religion as a central facet when researching the emerging social group–the global middle class (GMC). It is argued here that religion is a particularly relevant feature for the constitution of this social group because of the GMC’s transnational and cosmopolitan character. In this essay, I will draw on several examples focused on Islamic education provision in Western, pre-dominantly Christian societies to illustrate why and how religion should become critical to our study of the GMC. The essay’s central argument is that there remains a gap in research related to the role of religion in the making and practising of the GMC as a social group. I conclude by proposing a future research agenda that addresses the intersections of religion, education, and the GMC on an individual, national, and global level.

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StatePublished - 3 Sep 2019

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  • Global middle class
  • Islamic education
  • cosmopolitanism
  • identity formation
  • religion
  • religious education
  • transnational religious networks
  • transnationalism

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