Nancy R. Mann, Menachem Berg, Benjamin Epstein, Paul D. Berger, Gustav Dahll, Carsten Boe, Tor Heimly, Peter W. Becker, Sam C. Saunders, P. W. ter Borg, J. Rex, Abraham S. Pollack, Edwin T. Richards, P. David Dahl

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The 27 papers included in this volume deal with general theoretical aspects of reliability as well as with specific applications, such as testing of materials and components. Following is a list of titles and authors: Survey and Comparison of Methods for Determining Confidence Bounds on System Reliability from Subsystem Data. By Nancy R. Mann. Grouping of Preventive Maintenance Policies. By Menachem Berg and Benjamin Epstein. Cost Based Reliability Evaluation of Multi-Computer Systems. By Gustav Dahll, Carsten Boe, and Tor Heimly. Ranking the Reliability of Two Designs by Monte Carlo Techniques. By Peter W. Becker. Optimal Fleet Reliability Under Fatigue and Chance Overload in Service. By Sam C. Saunders. Field Reporting System for Reliability Analysis on Telecommunication Equipment. By P. W. ter Borg. Evaluation of Guided Missile System In-Service Reliability. By J. Rex. Customer Viewpoint of Availability Requirements. By Abraham S. Pollack. New Approach to Reliability Data Exchange. By Edwin T. Richards and P. David Dahl. Cost Effective Test Sequencing. By Paul D. Berger and Arthur Gerstenfeld.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1972
EventNATO Conf on Reliab Test and Reliab Eval, Proc - Hague, Neth
Duration: 4 Sep 19728 Sep 1972


ConferenceNATO Conf on Reliab Test and Reliab Eval, Proc
CityHague, Neth

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