Quantum gravity via manifold positivity

Michael H. Freedman

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The macroscopic dimensions of space-time should not be input but rather output of a general model for physics. Here, dimensionality arises from a recently discovered mathematical bifurcation: positive versus indefinite manifold pairings. It is used to build actions on a formal chain of combinatorial space-times of arbitrary dimension. The context for such actions is 2-field theory where Feynman integrals are not over classical, but previously quantized configurations. A topologically enforced singularity of the action can terminate the dimension at four and, in fact, the final fourth dimension is Lorentzian due to light-like vectors in the four dimensional manifold pairing. Our starting point is the action of causal dynamical triangulations but in a dimension-agnostic setting. Curiously, some hint of extra compact dimensions emerges from our action.

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StatePublished - 1 Jun 2012
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