Protocols for UAS-based observation

Sorin Herban, Salvatore Manfreda, Goran Tmušić, Antonino Maltese, Anna Brook

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The evolution of UAS and the potential of applying these types of equipment and technologies offer the possibility to use them in various fields of society, including monitoring environmental processes. The information provided by the UAS helps us gain a complete and complex understanding of the phenomena that take place in nature. Latest developments in UAS platforms and sensor technology facilitate cost-effective data collection through simultaneous multimodal data collection at a very high spatial resolution for environmental studies. In this context, one challenge is represented by harmonizing and providing protocols for data collection applicable across a broad range of environments and conditions. In this context, a network of scientists is cooperating to develop and promote harmonized mapping strategies and provide operational guidance to ensure best practices for data collection and interpretation. The culmination of these efforts is summarized in the present chapter to describe the latest and the most efficient approach to UAS applications today. This synthesis identifies many interdependencies of each step in the data collection and processing chain and outlines approaches to formalize and ensure a successful workflow toward product development. Given the number of environmental conditions, constraints, and variables that could be explored by UAS platforms, it is impractical to provide protocols that are universally applied under all scenarios. However, it is possible to collate and systematically order the fragmented knowledge on UAS data collection and analysis to identify the best practices that can ensure the streamlined and rigorous development of both scientific and applied UAS practices.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationUnmanned Aerial Systems for Monitoring Soil, Vegetation, and Riverine Environments
Number of pages33
ISBN (Electronic)9780323852838
ISBN (Print)9780323852845
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2023

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  • UAS-based mapping
  • effective workflow
  • environmental monitoring
  • guidelines

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