Processes and pathways of parental involvement in education in Israel

Nurit Kaplan Toren, Revathy Kumar

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Israel is a multicultural-multi-ethnic society that, for substantial periods in its history, was characterized by massive waves of immigration. Within this context, the present chapter has three goals: (a) to discuss the various attitudes regarding parental involvement in education from the points of view of parents, teachers, principals, and policymakers, (b) to describe the development and forms of parental involvement in education, and (c) to point out cultural differences in parental involvement in education. In the last 70 years, since the establishment of the State of Israel, parental involvement in education has taken on different forms and meanings, reflecting significant changes in society. This chapter sheds light on the effects of changes in the Israeli society on parent-teacher relationships and on the different forms of parental involvement. Findings attest to the differences between parents' and teachers', principals' and policymakers' perceptions and point on the imperative need for clear definition of the term parental involvement and to distinguish between home-based and school-based parental involvement. Finally, differences in parental involvement based on cultural diversity were examined as reflected by Arabs' and Jews' parents' reports and adolescents' perceptions and its links to adolescents' self-evaluation as well as academic achievement.

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  • Cultural differences
  • Home-based and school-based
  • Parental involvement

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