Power Mechanisms of Rotational and Cyclic Motions

Boris M. Klebanov , Morel Groper

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From the Physiology of Machines to the Anatomy of Machines

An offshoot stemming from the author’s previous book detailing the makeup and composition of a machine, Power Mechanisms of Rotational and Cyclic Motions provides an in-depth analysis of machine structure and operation. An important reference for practicing mechanical engineers, this book presents the kinematic diagrams of driving mechanisms in detail, analyzes their motion characteristics and efficiency, and addresses the lubricating problems that impact the reliability and operating life of machines. The diagrammatic representation of mechanisms is accompanied by examples of their general and detailed design, main geometry calculations, and recommendations for an approximate evaluation of principal dimensions. The authors consider the main stages of design, including the choice and analysis of kinematic diagrams, preliminary sizing, embodiment, and the design and dimensioning of specific elements including gears, shafts, bearings, springs, cams, fasteners, and others.

A pivotal work, the book contains details of design that include:

Analysis of diagrams of mechanisms (for their kinematic effects and efficiency)
Rough dimensioning of the main elements
Examples of the design of mechanisms and their elements (with relevant calculations of geometry and for strength)
Design of specific subassemblies and parts (including their materials and heat treatment)
Choice and design of lubrication systems
Intended for engineering postgraduates, engineers, and designers of machines, Power Mechanisms of Rotational and Cyclic Motions also describes the main metals used in machinery and their mechanical characteristics and provides expressions for strength calculation. Covering a wide range of mechanisms, it contains numerous examples of design of mechanisms and accompanying calculations and design hints based on the authors’ vast experience.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCRC Press
Number of pages508
ISBN (Print)9781466577640
StatePublished - 2016


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