Potential Mobilities

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The objective of this article is to highlight the issue of potential mobilities, by first presenting some possible basic terminology, followed by a critical review of motility as potential mobility, and continuing with an attempt to put forward elements for potential mobilities at times of wide availabilities of mobility technologies. These elements include definitions and meanings for potential mobilities, a discussion of active and passive potential mobilities, and an examination of potential mobilities in light of practiced ones. These discussions permit to suggest a simple model for potential mobilities focusing on the accumulation of mobility needs, access and competences, all of which lead to an appropriation process. This process may bring about various modes of practiced mobilities which on their part may reshape future potential mobilities.

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StatePublished - Feb 2012


  • Motility
  • access
  • active potential mobilities
  • appropriation
  • competence
  • passive potential mobilities
  • potential mobilities

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