Politically oriented social work intervention

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This article discusses the influence of attitude toward national politics on social work intervention. Although national political affairs seem irrelevant to social work intervention, they are sometimes crucial, especially when foreign policy affects physical and mental existence, such as in the US during the Vietnam War, in the Middle East, in Hong Kong and in the former republic of Yugoslavia. Avoiding overt discussions on political issues can indirectly affect the intervention, especially through the worker's role performance as social advocate and social change agent and sharing similar threats with clients, and client-worker relationships. However, such intervention requires special caution from the worker in order to avoid turning the intervention into a political debate, becoming judgemental towards clients or over-identifying with them. It also requires a professional policy that allows and supports the development and implementation of such interventions. This article is illustrated with the implementation of such intervention in Israel in regard to the peace process.

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JournalInternational Social Work
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StatePublished - Jul 2001

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