Philosophy of Religion: The Basics

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This book introduces students and other interested readers to the philosophy of religion-a vibrant and growing field of academic philosophy. Readers will be guided through an exploration of classic and contemporary arguments for and against theism. In addition to this crucial, but standard fare, this book looks to probe deeper into the nature and value (or dis-value) of religion itself. Philosophy of religion is becoming more diverse, both in terms of the religious traditions it examines, and the issues that it addresses. This book reflects that fact, engaging with religious traditions from Quakerism to Jainism. Questions and topics covered include: What is religion? What philosophical problems arise for the practices of prayer, worship, and meditation? How might multiple religions co-exist in peace? If there's a God, would it be the sort of thing that language could describe? When and how might it be rational to wager that a particular religion is true? With a glossary of key terms and suggestions for further reading, Philosophy of Religion: The Basics is an ideal starting point for anyone seeking a lively and accessible foray into the study of religion or philosophy.

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