Person–Organization Fit and Commitment to Volunteer Organizations

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The study employs the person–organization (P–O) fit approach to explaining volunteers’ organizational commitment (OC). It examined three dimensions of P–O fit that contribute to OC (degree of: needs-fulfillment, values-realization, self-identity and its expression) and their relationships with three manifestations of OC (identification, contribution, staying). Based on a questionnaire given to 138 volunteers results showed that values-realization was central in its contribution to OC, and its greatest contribution was to the components expressing identification with the organization and contribution to the organization. However, needs-fulfillment and self-identity expression also contributed to OC. Moreover, the three types of P–O fit were distinct from one another; they contributed differentially to the explanation of OC manifestations, and their respective contributions to the prediction of OC level were additive. Therefore, volunteer organizations which put emphasis not only on realizing their members’ values but also satisfying their needs and allowing for the expression of their self-identity should extract a higher degree of commitment from their members.

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  • Needs
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  • Self-identity
  • Values

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