Pedagogy in practice: School pedagogy from students' perspectives

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This paper introduces the concept of 'pedagogy in practice' (PiP), referring to the immediate interaction between students' learning experiences and school's pedagogy and distinct from the pedagogy advocated 'from above' by the school. We bring the concept of PiP into focus by analysing students' open-ended discourse about their learning experiences in 24 open group conversations, comparing two holistically different learning environments (conventional and an alternative arts and sciences (A&S) high school in Israel). The results show that A&S students described their learning experiences as ones wherein they actively steered and navigated their own learning process. Students' experience of the conventional school's pedagogy implies that the conventional school's PiP considers its students as passengers joining a ride over which they have little control. Traditionally, research has looked into students' perceived learning experiences for the purpose of better understanding their learning processes. We suggest that students' talk about their experiences is also informative for understanding their interaction with the schools' pedagogy.

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JournalResearch Papers in Education
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StatePublished - Apr 2012


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  • pedagogy in action
  • pedagogy in practice
  • students' experience

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