Parents' psychological, social and financial outcomes as related to the transition of their offspring with ID from adolescence to adulthood

Ayelet Gur, Galit Amsalem, Arie Rimmerman

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Background: In general, there is extensive research on parents of young children with ID, particularly studies on stress and coping, social support as associated with quality of life. Unfortunately, there is scarce evidence –based knowledge on parental coping resources and well-being during the transition of their offspring from childhood to adulthood and thereafter. Aims: This research responds to the scarce knowledge on the effect of the transition of children with ID into adulthood and particularly within adulthood on families. It examined the social, psychological, and financial differences among caregivers of offspring with ID in three age groups: (1) under the age of 21; (2) 21–30; (3) 31 and above. Methods and procedures: Three hundred and one caregivers completed an income and expenditure survey, including out-of-pocket expenditures, assets and liabilities index, services use survey, financial and other types of assistance from friends and family, a questionnaire regarding resources and stress levels, a social participation scale, and personal wellbeing index. Results: A statistically significant differences have been detected in the three caregivers' groups regarding the number of hours spent outside the house, social support, negative feelings such as frustration, sadness, and concern, life satisfaction and well-being. No significant differences have been identified in financial outcomes among caregivers' groups. Conclusions and implications: Findings are discussed in respect to research and practice and highlight caregivers' concerns regarding the transition of their offspring from adolescence to adulthood and afterward and in parallel to their own aging process.

Original languageEnglish
Article number103740
JournalResearch in Developmental Disabilities
StatePublished - Oct 2020

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  • Intellectual and developmental disability
  • Israel
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