Opial-type theorems and the common fixed point problem

Andrzej Cegielski, Yair Censor

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The well-known Opial theorem says that an orbit of a nonexpansive and asymptotically regular operator T having a fixed point and defined on a Hilbert space converges weakly to a fixed point of T. In this paper, we consider recurrences generated by a sequence of quasi-nonexpansive operators having a common fixed point or by a sequence of extrapolations of an operator satisfying Opial’s demiclosedness principle and having a fixed point. We give sufficient conditions for the weak convergence of sequences defined by these recurrences to a fixed point of an operator which is closely related to the sequence of operators. These results generalize in a natural way the classical Opial theorem. We give applications of these generalizations to the common fixed point problem.

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StatePublished - 2011
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  • Common fixed point
  • Cutter operators
  • Dos Santos method
  • Opial theorem
  • Quasi-nonexpansive operators

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  • Control and Optimization


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