"One-size-fits-all"? Differentiation in destinations' marketing goals and strategies to achieve them

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While tourism marketing literature tends to present marketing as a 'one-size-fits-all'process, the current study suggests various destination marketing goals. Until today, the literature mainly concentrated on analyzing marketing strategies, tactics, tools and initiatives for enhancing and perceiving tourism, while other marketing goals were neglected, such as marketing unfamiliar destinations or promoting tourism during and after tourism crises. The purpose of this study is to propose the model - "Destination Marketing Goals" (DMG) - which offers seven marketing goals for destinations and the possible strategies marketers can use in order to reach each goal. The model was developed based on qualitative content analysis of campaigns (symbols, visuals, slogans, and texts) on many destinations' websites, academic and news articles focusing on destinations campaigns, and marketing initiatives to attract tourists and visitors. The "Destination Marketing Goals" (DMG) model is aimed at expanding the theoretical discussion on the concept of "destination marketing".

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StatePublished - 2015


  • Destination branding
  • Destination image
  • Destination marketing goals
  • Recovery marketing
  • Tourism crisis
  • Tourism marketing strategies

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